To get a beautiful manicure, you need professional nail art tools. Generally speaking, common nail tools include nail files (sponge files, polishing strips), dusting brushes, steel cutile pushes, cuticle scissors, tweezers, drawing pens, nutrient oils, softeners, nail removal kits, and various types of accessories (gold thread, stickers, etc.), nail polish, etc. And a nail lamp for dry gel nail polish if needed.

Nail Trimming Tools

1、Nail clippers: mainly used to trim all types of nails, just like the nail clippers we usually use, but they are suitable for doing nail art in large sizes.

2、Small scissors: to cut some ornaments, such as some gold thread, some appliques, stickers.

3、Cuticle Scissors: for cutting off cuticles and hangnails.

4、Steel push: also called cuticle pusher, for pushing cuticle, nail removal is also needed.

5、U-shape Scissors: nail scissors for acrylic nails.

Nail Filer

  1. Sponge filer: mainly used to shaping your nails for a desired shape after trimming. When removing the nail polish, you also need to polish the top coat.
  2. Double sided nail files: You can choose the most suitable shape according to different needs, more easily to operate when DIY, can be used separately by different shapes.
  3. Nail Brushes: brushing your nails after buffing

Nail Remover

  • Cotton sheet: for scrubbing the top coat, and nail polish remover
  • Tinfoil: To remove nail polish, nail chips, etc. But we recommend you to use removal kits, which are convenient and quick.
  • Nail removal kit: recommended nail removal kits for beginners, you can directly remove nail polish.

Nail art design tools

  1. Round Head Nail Polish Brushes: Used for brushing nail polish, the round head is good for even application
  2. Oval Petal Pen:Oval-shaped brush, used to draw petal-like patterns
  3. Flat Head Drawing Brush: used to draw patterns.
  4. Smudge Pen: for smudging and painting gradients of colour
  5. Nail Liner Brush: mainly for drawing long lines.
  6. Fan-shaped Brush: used for multi-line, can also be used to brush glitter.
  7. Point drill pen: for small diamond decoration on nail art.

These are the tools that are commonly used. You can buy the nail art tools according to your needs, and there are many sets available online for beginner.

In addition, nail tools are non-disposable, so you should clean them carefully and sterilise them before use.

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