After two weeks of having a manicure, you will need to remove your nails for the health of your nails. Here are 2 ways to remove your nails, the tinfoil removal method and the convenient nail pack removal method.

1、Tinfoil removal method

Tools: cotton or skim cotton, nail polish remover, tinfoil, steel pusher, sponge file, polishing strip, nutritional oil.


① Sanding. Using the fine side of the sanding strip, lightly sand the nail in a side – front – side sequence so that the nail is covered with abrasions without rubbing off the colour.

PS: You only need to sand the non-removable top coat

② Clean the nail surface. Use a bristle brush or other soft brush to clean the powder layer of the nail surface.

③ use nail polish remover. Pour nail polish remover onto a cotton pad or paper towel and cover the polished nail surface completely with the cotton pad, a little more polish will make it easier to remove.

Take the tinfoil and wrap the cotton around the nail, taking care to seal it well so it doesn’t leak.

Or pour the nail remover directly into a special container and put your finger in it, but this will hurt more, so it is advisable to wrap it in tinfoil.

④ Wait and remove. Wait for 5-20 minutes and then remove the nail polish. The time required varies.

At this point you will find that the nail polish removed slightly, use a steel push to gently push the nail polish off, carefully and gently, otherwise you will hurt the nail surface. If there is still a little residue on the nail surface, use a sponge to clean it.

④ Polishing. Use the sponge and polishing strips to polish the nails. The polishing process starts with the coarsest side, then the medium side, the fine side and the finest side in order. Polishing each side on the nail surface to give a crystal shine to the rough nail surface.

Nails are thin, so polish as little as possible.

⑤ Apply the nourishing oil. Apply a final coat of nourishing oil to the nail surface and nail edges, then massage in for a while. Wipe with a tissue afterwards and the nail removal process is complete.

Convenient nail pack method

The nail removal kit eliminates the need to prepare cotton wool, nail polish remover and tinfoil, and the wrapping process is quicker and more convenient than nail polish remover.

Tools: nail removal kit, steel pusher, sponge filing strip, polishing strip, nutrient oil.


① As with the tinfoil remover method, you can start by polishing your nails with a sponge filing strip. It also depend on whether the top coat is removable.

②Tear off along the red dotted line in the picture.

③ Remove the clear plastic from the top of the nail removal kit.

④ Place your fingers in, taking care to keep the nail remover wipes on top of your nails as you wrap them.

⑤ Wrap the nail remover pack. Wrap up the nail wrap and use the adhesive underneath the plastic wrap you have just removed to adhere the nail wrap. Make sure there are no gaps, otherwise the nail wipes will quickly dry out and fail.

⑥ After 5-20 minutes, remove the nail polish remover and gently push off the nail polish with a steel pusher. If there is still a little residue on the nail, use a sponge to polish it off.

⑦ Finally, as with the tinfoil method, polish and apply nutrient oil to finish.

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