There are many beginners who want to make acrylic nails at home, but they may be a bit overwhelmed when choosing base coat gel and don’t know what kind of base coat to choose. I hope this will help you.

What is peel off base coat gel

A peelable base coat gel is a base coat that allows you to remove the nail polish and top coat from your nails without using nail polish remover.

How do you remove peel off base coat?

You can peel it off at home by a wooden stick by yourself without hurting your nails. Its removal method is to pry around the nail with a wooden stick, and then peel off the nail.

Who are the peel off base coat for

It is perfect for some people who are allergic, because the nail remover contains acetone, which is irritating. People with sensitive skin and those who often have to do nail art practice can choose peel off base coat gel.

Peel off base coat gel texture compare

Peel off base coat gel texture is thicker than ordinary glue. I have seen some base gel reviews, and they would say that one of the major drawbacks.

In fact, I think the peelable base gel is thick due to its peelable feature.

If the gel is too thin, it can’t peel off the nail polish and top coat together. Only if it’s thick enough, can it drag the gel on it when it is peeled off. So if you want this peelable function, then you have to accept its thick texture.

So it’s powerful in its peel off, but it also loses in its peel-off.

Because it is strippable, it means that its durability is actually unsatisfactory

how long does a peel off base coat last

Peel off base coat usually lasts for more than half a month. But this varies from person to person.

I don’t know if you are the same as me. You made a beautiful nail design for me. If you didn’t tell me that this is a peelable base gel, I can let it last for more than 20 days or a month. But once you tell me it’s peelable base gel, I really can’t help to peel it off.

So I think the durability of a peel off base coat is not determined by the peel off base gel and how durable it is, but by how long you can persist without peeling it.

How to make peel off base coat last longer

There are two ways to make your peel off base coat last longer. One way is to apply as little and thinly as possible when applying the peel off base coat gel, so that it will last a little longer. Another way is to make an extension nail on top of the peelable base coat gel.

Then your real stress point is the nail that you extend. The extension nail will protect it.

Advantage and disadvantages of peel off base coat gel

  1. Easy to remove at home
  2. Perfect for practice and beginners.
  3. Thicker texture than regular base coat
  4. Durability varies from person to person
  5. Thin coating or wearing extension nails could last longer

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