does frequent gel manicure damage nails

Yes, there are irritating chemicals in nail art. Regular nail art is not only bad for nails, but also harmful to the body. The most common situation of regular nail art is that the nail calcium layer becomes weak, the color of the nail surface becomes dark, and it is easy to break and become incomplete.

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1. Nails become brittle

Regular nail art is very harmful to the nails, because you plished off a layer of matrix every time before brush the nail polish. Then, the nails will become extremely fragile after they lose their protection. The nail is a protective layer to protect the flesh under the surface of the nail from damage. When the protective layer on the nail is worn off again and again in the nail art, the nail will become inflamed.

2. Darkening of nails

There are many kinds of nail colors on the market. However, once you applyed these dark colors to the nails, you’ll have a hard time unloading them.

The reason for this situation is nail polish contains colorants. When the protective layer on the nail is worn off, the color will penetrate into the nail. The nails will become dark and rough over time.

3. Nails become mutilated

If the nails are inherently fragile, it is not recommended to do manicure. When this happens, you must clean up your nails in time.

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4. Affect the respiratory system

Long-term manicure will damage the nails and affect the human respiratory system.

Because most of the nail polishes on the market contained phthalate, it can soften the nail surface very well in nail art, which is convenient for manicurists to shape. However, this substance is extremely volatile in the air. Once you inhale these gases, they can affect your respiratory system.

how to repair damaged nails By Gel Manicures

1. Wash your hands with warm water

Take a pot of warm water with moderate temperature, soak your hands in the water for three to five minutes. If possible, you can also try to wash your hands with warm water. As with the daily maintenance of the face, the hands also need regular maintenance. If you apply nail polish frequently, the nail layer becomes weak and easily damaged.

2. Use a few drops of seed oil

Take a clean cotton pad and put one or two drops of seed oil on it. If you don’t have one, you can also choose an essential oil with a curing effect. As with the makeup removal process, you have to moisturize each finger by the seed oil, and then massage the fingers to promote the nutrient absorption of the nails.

3. Hand mask

You can use a hand mask. This is very helpful for the recovery of damaged nails. To avoid damage to your nails, you also need to take care of them regularly. No matter what season it is, use hand cream regularly.

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How long should you wait between gel manicures?

With healthy, intact nails you can trim them once every 7-11 days, so you need at least a week between manicures. You can usually do treatments and apply nutrient solution to protect your nails.

How long can you do Gel Manicures again after nail damage

If your nails are damaged or cracked, it is best to do trimming or manicure after staying for 100 days. Otherwise, excessive manicure will make the nails that have not been fully renewed suffer more severely hurt.

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Scientists have discovered that there is a cycle for nail growth. The growth cycle of nails is usually 0.1mm per day on average. But when the nail is injured or removed due to other special circumstances, it takes about 100 days for a new nail to grow from the root of the nail to a completely normal shape.

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