If you want to DIY your acrylic nails at home, try a new coffin shaped or oval shaped, and don’t know where to start, this article introduced some basic tools for your 2021 nail art design might provide a clue.

1.   Gel Top Coat


    Get the salon look at home with gel nail polish top coat. It instantly gives you a gorgeous manicure.

2. Nail Polish Corrector


     Nail correcting pen, also known as magic eraser pen, can be filled with water, nail remover, and gel water. When you want to correcting the nail polish accidentally applied, this polish corrector could remove the nail polish from wrong area.

3. Nail Strengthener

     Constantly applying gel polish to your nails makes your nails dry and brittle. So, you will definitely need a nail repair formula or give your nails a break, if your nails seem damaged. Nail strengthener will improve nail texture and bring your nails back to a healthy state.

4. Nail Dotting Tool

    If you want to add tiny dots, marbling on your acrylic nails, or try to create a design with a series of circles, a set of nail dotting tool would be a great help. With the help of dotting tools, you could create lots of fabulous nail design for your acrylic nails.

5. Striper Brush


     Striping nail art brush is a perfect for swirling and blending effects, filling in colors, drawing small details. whether on coffin nails or oval nails, they’re just so suitable.

6. Striping Tape

     These self-adhesive tapes could create multiples straight line pattern of your own style with UV Gel, Acrylic nail art, nail polish.

7. Loose Glitter

    If you don’t have a glitter polish, you can sprinkle some sparkling loose glitters over your base color.

8. Rhinestones

     Rhinestones sparkle and shine, and suitable for nail art design. It will make you acrylic nail glamour. It’s shiny and easy to decorate and   perfect for coffin nail, oval nail design for summer.

9. Transfer Foils

    Apply a clear glue over nail top, then press the tape quickly. This way could leave a unique pattern on your nail art. It’s pretty, and gives luxurious feelings to your nail art. It’s perfect for 2021 summer acrylic nail design.

10. Nail Dryer Light for Gel Nails Polish

     This nail dryers can fast curing, helps to uniformly and efficiently cure gel nail polish. High power and the number of led bead are two key factors which are highly related to the curing time of you gel nail.

Have a salon grade UV LED nail lamp, you can DIY your acrylic nails at home instead of going to the salon.


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